About us

About us

The affiliate network specialist in exclusive and worldwide CPL iGaming and entertainment campaigns, more verticals will follow soon!

We are specialists in exclusive and worldwide CPL iGaming and entertainment Campaigns, and with 25 years of experience in online marketing, we connect publishers and advertisers while generating quality leads.

The main focus for our Advertiser Team is to work closely with the Marketing Team, to guide them through their online strategy and achieve the best results in their lead generation performance. At the same time, our Publisher Team aims to find the best converting traffic for each advertiser and offer our publishers the best CPL deals with our exclusive campaigns.

We want to introduce the people behind all this, the people who, with their work and dedication, make all of this possible and who are right there to help you navigate through your day to day in the online marketing industry.

Let’s make a legendary profit together.

Sonia Vidal
Eva Andriessen
Maryll van Rijsingen
Jaimy Bakkenes
Jens van Doorn
John van de Wouw
Jan de Mol

We started our journey with Leadlegends 4 years ago. In one sentence, it has always being a pleasure doing business with them and the friendship we were able to generate and grow within those years. There wasn’t even once that an issue wasn’t solved on their hand or we were missing out on a good quality source of the network. The engagement and loyalty of the team, John, Jaimy and Sonia has been on a different level..

Doron Mrplaypartners

Before we started collaborating in 2017 we already knew the guys behind Lead Legends. But now nearly 5 years later the collaboration is still strong and ongoing. The quality about Lead Legends is that they actually know in person their whole network. For our company results are important and regarding that subject, they always deliver and never disappoint. What is also quality is that over a collaboration of 5 years, we never had any dispute with them. I’m 100% confident we will continue to collaborate with Lead Legends over the next 5 years..

Jan Wienk L&L Europe

Finding good and reliable partners that you can trust is very hard nowadays. Leadlegends has shown themeselves as truly professional team. I am really proud to say that we are growing together. Over many years of partnering with Leadlegends we have become something more than just a business partner. Behind the screen there are people and trust me, they are awesome! I can assure you that these people know their job and they will put maximum effort to accomplish your goals!

Edgar Playamo

We’ve been working with Leadlegends for over 3 years now, and with great success. Their unique approach and flexible solutions have helped us exceed our marketing goals time and time again. It’s a truly valuable partnership which we hope will continue for many years to come!

Eric Roskamp Slotpartners